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Whoever said the sexy wedding dresses are not allowed to be worn by the bride? Sexy wedding dresses are the newest and most fashionable way to show off your natural gorgeous body. There are certain ways on how you can wear sexy wedding dresses at your very own wedding but not look like a vixen.

Enough amount of skin

too sexy wedding dress Sexy is not all about skin. You can still look very smolder and sexy without baring it all. You have to know what parts of your body are really sexy and show it off, like if you think your shoulders are very sexy, you should try picking out a tube dress or an off-shoulder dress. If you think you have gorgeous curves, you should try wearing the modern cut-out dress which will really accentuate your hourglass shape.

Color complementary

Another factor that adds to the sexiness of a dress is its color. Pick a dress with fabric that will highlight the color of your skin. Try out dresses that make your skin tone look a lot more fair, even and smooth. You will be able to discover how color is a huge factor when it comes to the beauty of a dress and how attractive it can get with the perfect match of shade.

Flatter with structure

A sexy wedding dress is a dress that flatters your body. There are specific structures in a dress that is best suited for the different types of a woman’s body. A body hugging mermaid dress is a very popular choice for sexy wedding dresses because it shows off the natural curves that you were born with and worked hard for. A tight fit is always the classical and formal way to look sexy even without the whole skin baring.

sexy mermaid wedding dresses 209x300 Augment your assets

Never forget to choose a dress that augments your assets. Be proud of the very beautiful natural features you have, never hide them, instead make everyone wow and shock them that you know you are a lot sexier than they ever have thought.

Intricate details

It’s been proven that such intricate details of a dress like the beading, paneling or embellishments can take the beauty of a dress into a whole new level. These details can give off the illusion of either smaller or bigger in such parts like a cinched waist would give the illusion of a smaller waist or a deep backless dress would give the illusion of a longer torso.

venus wedding dresses sexy

Be proud

In total, all you need to find appropriate sexy wedding dresses that still look formal than liberated is to be proud. Everyone will surely be in awe if you wear those sexy wedding dresses with your head held up high and walk down on that aisle with confidence and a big smile. You know that you will be the envy of the many and will surely get noticed because of that extra something that is special in you. Again, confidence in your own skin, that’s one of the best sexy wedding dresses ideas ever.

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